Aikido of Shreveport is a member of  Aikikai (Official Organization founded by Ueshiba Morehei and continued via his grandson) through/Aikido Association of America:   Organized as a 501c3 Non profit to spread Authentic Aikido and Rinzai Zen (non religious meditation) to the Ark-la-tex, we offer traditional training with credentials accepted around the world. 
Aikido is a Japanese training system that seeks to benefit all people and martial styles; being effective in self defense, meditation, rehabilitation and personal development. Aikido of Shreveport is 501c3, chartered to offer authentic Aikido training and program facilitation to other martial arts schools and individuals in a non competitive nor non biased manner.
The martial art of Aikido is known as the "Martial Art of Peace" and offers a non competitive, Yogic and healing approach to the classical Koryu arts of the Samurai Bujitsu of old Japan. The goal of the student is to learn to integrate and blend with all forces, including those of an attacker. Training presents a student with vigorous physical challenges and supplements the students spiritually with meditations and centering practice.  Aikido also exists as an international language of martial transmission and training and offers a cultural outlet to engage peoples all over the world. The Aikidoka will over time experience a change in perspective and heighten one's perception, mental focus and physical ability. In the same way Yoga develops the person, so will Aikido with the added benefit of self-defense skills and camaraderie. Want to Join? Come by any class time, but call 318-469-1952!   
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 $85/ Month  or  (Sliding scale) $25-$45 student rate to cover whole month of night classes, but
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For testing belt ranks (kyu) a one time registration fee  of $25 sent to AAA and following testing fees AAA guidance as issued from Aikikai.

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O'Sensei Founder of Aikido
Dojo Cho: 
Sensei William Ross: 
Jyoshidoin  AAA Aikikai
Nidan  SAC,
 Master (5th Degree) Black Belt Kajukenbo,
training in Martial Arts since 1991 and has been training specifically in  Aikido since 1996. 
Assistant Instructor
Jyoshidoin AAA
Eric Fountain, Shodan

Seishinkan Houston Tx, Regional HQ

Toyoda Shihan
Founder Of Aikido
Assocaition of America.
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Supplemental focus training for senses through non religious practice of Zen. While appearance may appear religious to the untrained, the actual focus is to remove mental roadblocks to growth. It also is like Christian Tazea' method of sitting. We only show how to Sit not what to believe or think... 
Beginner steps.
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and come to class.
Shibucho James Nakayama
Chushikan, Buena Vista CA
AAA President S.T. Toyoda 
Tenshinkan Chicago IL