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"The Art of Peace is medicine for a sick world." O'Sensei
 Aikido is a Japanese training system that is effective in self defense, rehabilitation and personal development. It uses cooperative training in the beginning stages to assist a student in developing skill at an individual level. We use a sliding scale donation system of tuition. Please join us! 

Aikikai in Shreveport:
 Aikido Association of America
 Aikido International Foundation
fall 2017
Basic Class :        Tu/ Th 5:30 pm
  Advanced (Test Into): Tu/TH 6:30pm -8pm
All levels: Ki Training, Meditation and 
Aiki weapons:   Sun 10:30 am

M/W/F : by appointment ($ special fees apply to morning classes)

    check Facebook for cancellations.

  Five Elements Kajukenbo
$20/ Hour By Appointment only.

424 College St. 71104 See map below